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If your student is entering a private elementary, middle or high school, he or she may have to take the SSAT or ISEE. The tests are divided into Lower, Middle, and Upper levels, and which level your child should take depends on which grade they are going into next year. At each level, students are tested on their vocabulary, math, and reading comprehension skills.

I’ve worked with students at all levels to help them increase their scores and build their confidence. I expand their vocabulary by teaching roots, prefixes, and suffixes. I assign readings that allow them to learn words in context as they strengthen comprehension. I teach math in a way that makes it easy to understand. And as always, students will learn tricks and techniques they can apply to future tests. Past students have scored in the 97th percentile and have gone on to be accepted at their top choice schools!

Remote Learning

“We were just over the moon with her SSAT results! Maggie is wonderful - so warm and encouraging. She’s really, really nice. Sabrina learned so much!”

Vicky, parent of a 97th percentile scorer

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