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These tests are tricky. Even students who get straight As in school can be stumped by questions on the SAT and ACT. It’s not enough to learn the material; you have to learn the test itself. After years of analyzing both tests, I specialize in teaching students how to think like test makers. Students will learn how to identify questions by type, because knowing what you're up against is half the battle. For each type of question, I teach a tried and true approach to answer it. Once the test is broken into simple steps, students can attack it with gusto.

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The first step in test prep is a solid foundation. Students will need to master algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, and grammar in order to succeed. Maybe your student could use a refresher on quadratics, or never learned what a semi-colon does, or needs a strategy to quickly make sense of a difficult reading passage. Whatever the cracks in the foundation may be, I’m here to fill in the gaps.



To succeed on the SAT and ACT, students need more than fundamentals. They need to  think like test makers. I teach students the tricks and techniques they need to get even the problems they don't know how to solve. Students will learn to how to budget their time effectively, how to read strategically, and how to recognize wrong answers. Test taking is a skill, and it's one they can perfect.



Let's face it: for many students, standardized tests can be incredibly stressful. Weeks of hard work boil down to a single day. This is why I strive to make test prep as process-oriented as possible. I work with students to develop confidence, concentration, and carefulness—skills that are essential under pressure. I place the emphasis on what they can control—focusing on their process and not the result. Once they do that, the results take care of themselves.

High School Student

Véronique, parent of a former SAT student

"Louis and I wanted to sincerely thank you for your incredible support to Stéphane and to us as a family.
Through the months we have deeply appreciated your dedication, your commitment and your passion to teach and give all possible support to him preparing for the tests.

We are convinced that he did progress thanks to you and he achieved his goal thanks also to your relentless energy. You demonstrated in all time, through the ups and downs, an amazing resilience, patience and care.

Thank you so much Maggie."

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