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Whether your student needs homework help or a customized study plan to get their skills up to speed, I’m here to help! I've worked with students ages 8-18. My subjects include math (arithmetic, geometry and algebra I, algebra II), reading and writing. I can diagnose your child's strengths and weaknesses and firm up any concepts they may have missed in school. Or we can tackle a new subject to get a head start on next year. My specialty is coming up with unique ways to make learning approachable and fun! Let me know your child’s needs and I’ll let you know if I’m a good match.  

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Kathryn, parent

"My son was struggling in Algebra all last school year. Maggie tutored him over the summer and was amazing! She provided our son with personalized tutoring that really made a difference. I am happy to report that he currently has an ‘A’ in math this year! Thank you Maggie!"

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