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The personal statement is where admissions officers get a chance to see students as more than just grades and test scores. The life experiences that change us, the defining aspects of our personality, or the influence of our culture can serve as windows into who we are. This is not the place to list accomplishments—other parts of the application will do that. Authenticity and even vulnerability are key to connecting with students on a deeper level. Overcoming flaws and challenges shape us as much as our talents and success.

I’ve worked with students in all stages of development—from no idea to final draft—to help them create essays that reveal their unique strengths. I won't write for them, but I will offer guidance, help them generate material, and then shape and edit what they’ve written. Their personal statement may be funny or gripping, insightful or heartbreaking, but it must always feel like them.

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In addition to being a tutor, I’m also a published writer and trained copyeditor. I’ve worked with many middle and high school students to help them write persuasive essays, history papers, literary commentary, and more! I can aid in every stage of the writing process, from research and planning to writing and proofreading. From how to craft a sentence to how to structure an argument, I help students put the pieces together into a coherent whole.

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Laura, parent of college essay student

"I could tell from Nate's reaction right after you left it was a really good session. He was energized and really taking the time to think about the questions you posed. He cranked out a draft on Sunday."

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